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Sharjah Ladies Club – Kalba branch is one of the clubs existed in the Eastern Region that is chaired by Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bent Mohammed Al Qassimi.Kalba branch is operated in line with the vision and instructions of Her Highness regarding the importance of supporting women and providing all services to her and her family in an integrated environment in which all means and resources are available with a view to practice her activities, hobbies and enjoy her time in a useful and distinctive ways.

Kalba Ladies Club is keen on developing deliberate work plans aiming to provide several services for women and children in the field of health and fitness, creativity and arts, promoting women talents, providing nursery and child care services, and healthy meals provided by nutritionists, in addition to other services that raise women awareness in all cultural fields .

Kalba Ladies Club is a community-based organization that provides its services to the community through various partnerships in the field of heritage and arts, national community celebrations, school activities in addition to having partnerships with some institutions that support women and children.

Moza Alwashahi
Branch Manger Kalba Ladies Club

For more information, please contact Kalba Ladies Club at:

Tel: +971 9 277 2545

Fax: +971 6 5223511


P.O Box: 4644, Sharjah, UAE