Marasi is the main restaurant of the 10 branches of Sharjah Ladies Club that offers a wide range of modern and traditional dishes prepared by a highly experienced and professional culinary team. The restaurant enjoys the perfect venue for catching up with friends, running business meetings, or celebrating special occasions.

Branches theaters serve all the events and activities organized by SLC Branches throughout the year. Variety of plays, lectures & workshops, films & documentaries, training courses, forums, and graduation ceremonies are carried out by in branches theatres during the year. Each branch theatre can accommodate between 200 -250 people. The multipurpose rooms in Sharjah Ladies Club Branches are made to celebrate one of the customer’s happy occasions, to organize lecture and workshops.

Art & Educational centers are hives of creativity and learning. A place for women and children to once again develop their knowledge and skills—advanced or undiscovered. The facility offers a variety of art classes and workshops, all forms of drawing, in addition to ballet, piano and language classes, Quran teaching, cooking, etiquette, website design, photography and much more.

Inspired by the center’s name, Layaqa is committed to facilitate a comprehensive range of fitness programs. It boasts an extensive array of services and a premium gym facility that features state-of-the-art equipment in a healthy and motivating environment. Services of the center include aerobics classes, sauna, fitness assessments, fitness programs and personal training sessions with competent and qualified professionals. Layaqa continuously strives to expand its service line by offering new classes in cooperation with international companies. The center offers fitness programs that guide participants toward losing excess body fat, eating nutritiously and leading a healthier lifestyle.