Sharjah24: In celebration of the UAE Year of Tolerance, the Al Thameed Ladies Club – a Sharjah Ladies Club Branch (SLCB), organised a Tolerance Festival at the Heritage Village to shed light on the important message of peaceful coexistence, the UAE’s leadership has dedicated the year 2019 to.

The event brought together the community members and all state entities in Al Thameed, Mleiha and Al Madam, to impress upon the core value of tolerance in the success of social and corporate relations.

The festival featured inspirational quotes by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who laid the foundations of the nation on tolerance and coexistence. Artistic shows at the Heritage Village Theatre, in addition to discussion panels to stress upon the importance of tolerance and empathy, and their role as tools of development, were also part of the celebrations.

Shows by Fakhr Al Emarat and Al Harbiya horsemen bands, in addition to ‘Al Zahba Al Emaratiya’ show and a theatrical performance titled ‘Tolerance’, poetry readings, equestrian shows and classical cars exhibition featured among the community engagement activities.

Aisha Al Ketbi, Manager of Al Thameed Ladies Club, said: “The UAE is a global example of tolerance and humanitarianism, reflected in the nation’s vibrant sociocultural fabric made up of over 200 different nationals living and working together. Our leadership has taught us to treat people with utmost dignity, respect and compassion, and the national celebration of the ‘Year of Tolerance’ has given us a wonderful opportunity to launch our first festival based on this noble theme. It has been great to see both public officials and community members to come forward and participate with such enthusiasm.”

“Our founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed, instilled a culture of love and affection, hard work and dedication in the UAE’s citizens and expats alike. He promoted a set of ethics and values, which became the cornerstone of an inclusive system of communal action in our country, serving as one of the core reason’s for the UAE’s success not just economically, but has also positioned it as a thriving multicultural hub both regionally and globally,” she added.

The festival was held in collaboration with the Al Madam Municipality, Mleiha Municipality and students’ Parents Council. It saw participation of all government entities in Al Madam, Al Thameed and Mleiha, in addition to the locale’s families, travelling restaurants and food trucks, which offered an array of hospitality services to the festival visitors.

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