Sharjah24: Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC) and its ten branches prepared to offer physical and virtual winter camps during this upcoming winter holiday season, starting from 13 December until 1 January 2021. The event targets children and adolescents from 3 years to 16 years old.

The camp’s programs are held in two forms; physical, where the participants attend in facilities of the main club and its ten branches, strictly adhering to precautionary measures for various activities. The other form is virtual, where it is held remotely via Teams and Webex apps.

The camp offer many activities in various fields, starting from fitness activities such as zumba, aerobics, hip-hop, boxing, ballet and Olympic Games, in addition to aquatic competitions and adventures, “Tele-Match”, Arctic adventures and Eskimo art, as well as outdoor activities, such as bouncy castles, fun painting, and game palace. The camp includes also many varied workshops, such as painting and coloring activities, pottery making, arts and crafts, and creative coloring, as well as teaching fine motor skills, Origami art, Decoupage, doll making, hat-making, decorative arts, in addition to workshops for making bookmarks, decorative clips with names, and small merchant. The camp also organise many fun cooking workshops, such as making bread, sushi for children, and decorated sweets sticks.

Because of current situation of Covid-19 virus and the purpose to preserve safety of children, as well as the limited space for number of participants in the realistic form of the camp; SLC and its ten branches focused on providing the virtual form with many activities and workshops that bring fun and benefit to participating children and adolescents from their homes in safety and security. At the virtual camp, the participants received a sterilized box containing all equipment of the planned workshops from some branches through delivering them to their homes, in accordance with safety and prevention measures, in order to allow them to fully benefit from the workshops through integrated practical application.

SLC explains all activities of the camp, as well as age group divisions for each activity and facility on social media platforms, where all programs and age groups can be found on the following accounts: shjladiesclub, Slcbranches and SLC’s website

SLC provide opportunities for registration and online payment, to facilitate process of registration with the camp, by sending a private message on Instagram accounts, or an email to, or by calling SLC’s telephone numbers announced via Instagram. Then, online payment link was sent to the participants.

Khawla Al Serkal, Director General of the Sharjah Ladies Club, stated that SLC and its ten branches intend to continue activities and events and play its social role in light of the global crisis of novel Coronavirus, affirming that Winter Camp puts safety, happiness and pleasure of the participants in the first place.

She added that the Camp is being organized by SLC to provide distinctive activities for children and adolescents that fit conditions of the current stage of COVID-19 pandemic, stimulate research and initiative for them, upgrade their capabilities and talents, and keep up with the developments. The camp’s activities contribute to discovering new talents and directing creative paths of children according to their different ages. They also allow them to establish friendships outside school and family, enhance their social intelligence, and develop their intellectual skills and their ability to assume responsibility.

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