SHARJAH: As part of its efforts to improve the ability of its staff to deal with emergency situations and accidents, Sharjah Ladies Club Branches organised in cooperation with Al Zahra Hospital a training session in all branches to educate them on healthcare and train them to be qualified for dealing with emergency situations including saving injured individuals or reducing the severity of bodily injuries.

The session was held on July 10 and delivered by Dr Khaled Mbaya, PhD in emergency medicine, Al Zahra Hospital.

The main topics included the basic first aid procedures, primary health care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and artificial respiratory in emergency situations.

The session included a theoretical lesson and a practical exercise that aim to teach participants how to response to emergency situations and learn more about the mission and responsibilities of first aiders including assessing casualty and determining symptoms in order to provide the necessary support while they are waiting for specialised medics or before going to hospital.

Mariam Abdullah Mohammed, Head of Human Resources and Finance, SLCB said, “At the Sharjah Ladies Club Branches, we put the safety and health of our team and club members at top priority.

“ The First Aid course organised for the staff is part of our social responsibility for educating our employees about primary care practices in emergency situations and train them on how to respond to the incidents that may occur at work place. We aim to raise awareness among all society members in the UAE on the importance of first aid procedures.”

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