Halls at Sharjah Ladies Club Headquarters

General government facilities within the premises of the Sharjah Ladies Club, built to serve Emirati and expatriate communities living in the city of Sharjah and its affiliates surrounding areas. The facilities aim to provide high-class services for parties, banquets and weddings.

Al-Dhaid Wedding Hall

Located in the area near Al-Maliha road, the hall spans 24,139 square meters and can accommodate 600 people.

Khorfakkan Wedding Hall

The Khorfakkan wedding hall is located in the Al-Yardiya area. The hall covers an area of 10,252.9 square meters and can accommodate 1,500 people.

Dibba Al-Hisn Wedding Hall

The hall is located in the west neighbourhood area, near the ring road, and spans an area of 3,493.36 square meters, enabling it to accommodate 600-700 people.